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thinspiration community :)
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Welcome to 0_twiggythin. First you must realize that we do not promote anorexia, bulimia, or any other eating disorders. We find beauty in everyone, so do not worry about being picked on for your weight. Girls and boys are welcome here for support, and also for a place to meet with others like them.

There's no basic theme to the community. You may use the community to ask questions, get tips, or even just post pictures.
Posting pictures for thinspiration is perfectly fine, but all i ask is that you don't post "reverse thinspiration" photos... for example posting pictures of heavy/overweight people and saying stuff like "these people make me not want to eat" etc. because basically, that's just rude =/ yup.

And please no completely nude photos. this community is open to people of all ages. Anything nsfw goes behind a cut please =)

Everything must be made "friends only"

Enjoy the community :]